Exterior Colors

Cameo White (11) Platinum (15) Starlight Black (19) Atlantis Blue (24) Nocturne Blue (29)
Solar Gold (50) Sundance Yellow (51) Sierra Copper (63)

Heritage Brown (69)

Mayan Red (75)
Carmine (77)   Redbird Red (80) Accent Only Dark Charcoal (16)
Accent Only


Canopy Top (Option Code CB7) Wide Body Accent
Stripes (D98)
Available on Firebird and Esprit, Stripe and exterior color selection is customer's choice.
White (11)

Silver/Red Gold/Yellow
Red/Gold Blue/Gold

Silver (13) Black (19)  
Blue (21) Green (44)  
Beige (61) Claret (76)  
Formula Appearance Package Stripes (Option Code W50)
Located above lower beltline and on Formula Hood Scoops
Trans Am Hood Decal (Option Code D53)
Lt. Blue/Med. Blue/Dk. Blue
11-Cameo White/Nocturne Blue Lower
22-Atlantis Blue/ Nocturne Blue Lower
29-Nocturne Blue/16-Dk. Charcoal Lower
Colors  Note that Pontiac recommended these color combinations but option D60-Color and Trim, Incompatibility Override allowed buyers to order any exterior color combination or exterior decals that they chose)

Dark Blue/Light Blue
Exterior Color Choices:
11-Cameo White, 15-Platinum, 19-Starlight Black, 24-Atlantis Blue, or 29-Nocturne Blue

Exterior Color Choices:
11-Cameo White, 19-Starlight Black, 29-Nocturne Blue, 50-Solar Gold, or 69-Heritage Brown

Exterior Color Choices:

11-Cameo White, 15-Platinum, 19-Starlight Black, 51, Sundance Yellow, or 75-Mayan Red

Dark Charcoal/Silver
Exterior Color Choices:

11-Cameo White, 15-Platinum, 19-Starlight Black, or 75-Mayan Red
Lt. Red/Med. Red/Dk. Red
11-Cameo White/16-Dk. Charcoal Lower
15-Platinum/16-Dk. Charcoal Lower
19-Starlight Black/16-Dk. Charcoal Lower
51-Sundance Yellow/16-Dk. Charcoal Lower
75-Mayan Red/16-Dk. Charcoal Lower
77-Carmine/16-Dk. Charcoal Lower
Lt. Gold/Med. Gold/Dk. Brown
19-Starlight Black/16-Dk. Charcoal Lower
50-Solar Gold/69-Heritage Brown Lower
63-Sierra Copper/69-Heritage Brown Lower

Vinyl Body Side Moldings (B84)

Important Note:  These color charts are scans of original paint chips but can not be judged to be perfect matches due to scanner inaccuracy, monitor color balance, and many factors.  These are given as an approximate representation only.