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Tran-Zam welcomes all contributors to the site.  The goal of Trans Zam is to provide the most accurate reference for second generation Firebird restoration there is.  Many books and web sites list pre-release information that is not necessarily accurate or just plain wrong.  Even resources like the Fabulous Firebird contain some inaccuracies because either some info was not known at the time or perhaps no one remembered some details.  I have been collecting Pontiac manuals and letters for many years and I have found that many references are wrong simply because things changed mid year or perhaps intended options were never offered due to supply problems.  Did you know that the Formula Firebird was standard with a V-6 in mid 1981.  Few do.  This site will attempt to document these changes and point out little understood options and find the rare info you need to restore your Firebird correctly if that is what you want to do. 

The discussion is meant to be two way.  If you see any inaccurate information use the Contact Us form to point it out.  With everyone's help we can achieve our goal of becoming the most accurate restoration resource for second generation Firebird's out there.


Many thanks to Russell David for providing scans of the super rare 1970 Dealer Manual Firebird inserts.  Thanks Russell!

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