Identifying the 1977 to 1978 Firebird: Front grille Details
Pontiac Crest Emblems on front Panel
From 1977 to 1981 the Pontiac Arrowhead Crest graced the front fascia of all Firebirds except for the 1978 and later Special Editions as noted below. Note that the Black and Gold Special Edition Trans Am for 1977 did use this red emblem. Many restorers install the gold one but this was factory incorrect for that year.
Beginning in 1978 the Black and Gold Special Edition Trans Ams, The Gold Special Edition Trans Ams, and the 1978 Redbird used the gold Pontiac crest shown below. Note, that non-Special Edition Gold Trans Ams are commonly found with this emblem incorrectly. The red emblem was used on all Non-Special Editions.


  1977 1978

Firebird and Esprit

Silver surround

Formula and Trans Am

Black surround and grille

Special Edition Trans Am (Black and Gold or 1978 Gold)

Gold Surround and black grille


Blue surround and grille


Red surround and grille