Firebird Emblem Comparison
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This guide lists the fifferent emblems used on Firebirds from 1970 to 1981 and is designed to take some of the mystery out of the search for factory original parts.  The term "correct" has always been a source of frustartion for Firebird owners with back yard experts pointing out what is correct and not correct about our cars. By all means if you want to put a '79 sail bird on your '73 then go ahead, it looks cool. The term "Factory" is used on this site for restorers wanting to get the factory original look to their car.  The scavenging hunt for those rare parts is also a fun part of the hobby.  This gide will help you in your search for factory appearing emblems. 

Bird Emblems Comparison

1970-1971 Esprit/Formula Bumper Bird

The emblem below adorned the top of Esprit and Formula bumpers at the leading edge of the hood in 1970 and 1971.  The Base Firebird had no adornment in this area.

1974 Front Panel Bird

1974?-1976 Front Panel Bird

1976 Front Panel Bird for LE

1970 to 1974 Trunk Emblem

Part #8704055

  1972 to 1973 Fender Bird Emblem sail panel 1976-1978
Firebird Fender Emblem Comparison
  Firebird Fender Emblems  

When looking at two cars side by side, a 1970 and a later Firebird, you may not notice the subtle differences between the fender emblems but during the second gen run the 1970 emblems were unique.  The 1970 emblem at top right has lettering that is thicker than the later emblem below.  When viewing these close up the easiest way to spot the 1970 emblem is by the dot on top of the i's. The 1970 is nearly connected to the i while the later version is raised slightly.  If you are hunting for one of these at a swap meet this is the most fool proof way to distinguish between the emblems.

One interesting note is that the Firebird script emblem was not used on any Formula models from 1971 to 1975.  For those years only the Formula emblems shown below were attached to Formula fenders.

1970 Firebird Fender Emblem
1971 to 1981 Firebird Fender Emblem
Formula 400 Fender Emblem Comparison
  Formula 400 Fender Emblems  

Formula models with the 400 cid engine received the Formula 400 emblems shown at the right.  Although 1970 and 1971 Formula 400 emblems appear to be identical each carried a separate part number in the 1972 Firebird Parts catalog so presumably they differred in some way.  The 1970 emblem may have been a bolt on, requiring holes in the fender and the later may have been a stick on.  At some point Pontac did convert from bolt on to stick ons.  Alternatively perhaps the emblems just had different bolt locations.

The Formula 400 emblem from 1972 to 1975 is easily distinguished from teh earlier models because the numeric characters are the same size as the text characters. 

1970 Formula 400 Emblem
1971 Formula 400 Emblem
1972 to 1975 Formula 400 Emblem
1972 - 1974
1976 to 1978
1970 350 Engine Call Out Fenders
1973 350 Grille emblem
1970 400 Fender Call Out  
1971-? 400 Grille callout  
1970 to 1975 Sail Panel Emblem
1976 to 1979
Mid 1979 to 1981 (Stick on emblem)


Note: part numbers are sometimes used to identify which emblems were used in which years but this method of differentiating parts can be tricky and error prone.  For instance a parts manual may describe a newer part as a service replacent for an older part.  The newer part may be close but not exact.  In other cases and older parts manual may use one part number where a newer manual might show another.  GM did change part numbering systems through the 1970 to 1981 era.  For accuarcy mostly original cars were used with the parts manuals being used as a cross reference.  For this research the 1972, 1976, and 1981 parts manulas were used.