1970 Firebird

1970 Colors

C: Polar White (10)*
P: Palladium Silver (14)
D: Bermuda Blue (25)
F: Lucerne Blue (26)*
E: Atoll Blue
L: Keylime Green (43)
H: Palisade Green
Q: Verdoro Green (45)
W: Goldenrod Yellow (51)
S: Coronado Gold (53)
Z: Granada Gold (58)
B: Palomino Copper (63)
V: Carousel Red (65)
J: Castillian Bronze (67)
R: Cardinal Red (75)


*Trans Am Color

1970 Vinyl Tops

The Firebird Cordova top for 1970 to 1975 covered the entire roof and wrapped around the rear window. Roof drip moldings (Option741/B80) was included as well as bright trim surrounding the vinyl.  The 1970 and 1971 Firebird vinyl tops was a flat (non-glossy) material where later years went to a glossy "wet" look. For year by year comparisons click here.
12A White
12B Black
12E Sandalwood
12G Dark Green
12H Dark Gold


Vinyl Top not available on Trans Am

Trans Am Color Combinations
From 1970 to 1972 Trans Ams came standard with a single stripe running the entire length of the car.  These stripes were either Blue on Polar White cars or White on Lucerne Blue cars.   The nose of each was adorned with a small bird decal matching the stripes. Trans Am stripes for 1970 to 1972 ran over the hood, roof, and rear deck lid and onto the upper surface of the rear spoiler.  A small bird decal adorned the nose of the car.  An interesting note is that some 1970 Trans Ams were delivered without the nose bird decal.  A Pontiac Dealer Information Bulletin number 70-I-54 stated that the decal on cars manufactured in the Norwood plant were blistering and falling off. The bulletin announced that Trans Ams would be delivered without the bird until the issue had been corrected. The bulletin notes that nose birds would be installed under warranty when a solution was found.
Stripe Decals for 1970
White stripes or blue stripes accented the Trans Am in 1970. The parts manuals show two different part numbers for white stripes with one listed as being White with Gray Borders and the other White with Black Borders. Presumably the gray bordered stripes were early renditions that may have been replaced after introduction since the black borders are the norm. The 1970 White Stripe had a different part number and was abrighter shade of white to match the hood scoop painted in Polar White. Later versions used from '71 to '72 had an off white shade matching the Cameo White hood scoop. Blue stripes did not change from '70 to '72 and had a hazy border rather than the solid border of the white stripe. It can be surmised that the original version of the white stripe may have matched the blue stripe. 
Trans Am Polar White stripe for Lucerne Blue cars.
Blue stripe used on Polar White cars.