1970 Interiors

Firebirds have always been offered in two trim levels, the standard and Custom.  The Custom interior was standard on Esprit and optional on Formula and Trans Am.  The custom interior offered more luxurious amenities like an improved seat design and specific door panels with separate pull straps.  There was also a holding strap on the passenger dashboard.The 1970 seats are unique and can be easily identified by the separate headrest.  After 1970 all seat backs were a one piece design taken from the Chevrolet Vega.  The Sandalwood color is extremely rare and the cloth seats are so rare that no pictures are available for them.  Note that the custom interior was offered in red this one year only.  A red based interior would not again be available until 1973 when burgundy was offered.

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Standard Interior - Morrokide Vinyl Strato Bucket Seats
 Blue (201) Saddle (205) Green (206)
 Sandalwood (207)  Black (209)
Custom Interior - Knit Vinyl and Morrokide Strato Bucket Seats
 Blue (211)
 Red (214)  Saddle (215)
 Green (216)
 Sandalwood (217) Black (218)
Custom Interior - Pinehurst Pattern Cloth and Morrokide Strato Bucket Seats
  Sandalwood (217)
Black (228)
Please note that the pictures presented here are the best available.  Some combinations are very rare and the photos shown may not represent a 100% accurate depiction of a correct Firebird interior.  Some may have custom steering wheels, shifters, faded material, etc..  The pictures do illustrate an accurate depiction of the colors available.