1972 Firebird Option List
D=Dealer Installed
N/A=Not Available
New or changed for 1972
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Code UPC Code Description  Price  Base Esprit Formula Trans Am Notes
34D   250 ci 1BBL 6 Cylinder   S N/A N/A N/A  
34H L30 350 ci 2BBL V-8  $118.00 A S S N/A When ordered with Formula 350 dual exhaust was included. Not available with 35L/M40 Turbo Hydramatic or 35G/M22 Heavy Duty 4 Speed
34R L30 350 ci 2BBL V-8: California  $118.00 A A N/A N/A California only.  Requires Turbo Hydra-matic (35K)
34R L65 400 ci 2BBL V-8  $  51.00 N/A A N/A N/A Esprit with 35L (Turbo-hydramatic) only
34S L78 400 ci  V-8 4BBL   $  97.00 N/A N/A A -  
34X LS5 455 ci HO V-8 4BBL  $231.00 N/A N/A A S Requires Hood Air Inlet (601/WU3) and Unitized Ignition ( 634/K65).  Available with Turbo-hydramatic (35L) or H-D 4 Speed Manual Transmission (35G)
361 G80 Safe T Track differential  $  45.00 A A A S  
368 G92 Performance Axle  $  10.00 A A A A  
35L M40 Turbo Hydra-matic Transmission   N/A A A    
   Esprit, Formula without 34D, 34H  $236.00
35J M53 2-Speed Auto Trans    A A N/A N/A Not available in California
With Base 6 Cylinder (34D)  $174.00
Base Esprit without 6 Cylinder (34D)  $185.00
35A Std 3 Speed Manual Transmission; Column Shift    n/c  S N/A N/A N/A Base Firebird, 6 cylinder (34D) only
35B M02 3 Speed Manual Transmission, Floor Mounted Shifter.   $  10.00 A ? N/A N/A With 6 cylinder (34A) 
35E M20 4 Speed Manual Transmission   $200.00 A A A N/A  With 350 ci V-8 2V (34H) or 400 ci V-8 4V (34S)
35G M22 Heavy Duty 4 Speed Manual Transmission  $231.00 N/A N/A A   Formula with 400 ci V-8 4V (34S/L78) or 455 ci V-8 4V(34X/LS5)
35K M38 3-Speed Turbo Hydra-matic Transmission                                            A A A N/A Available in  the Formula for the first time.
With Base 6 Cylinder Engine (34D)  $205.00
Base, Esprit or Formula without 6 Cylinder (34D)  $215.00
    Hubcaps (Base)   S - S -  
474 N98 Rally II Wheels  $  87.00 A A A N/A  
    Rally II Wheels 15 inch   N/A N/A Available with 331/Y99 S Includes trim rings
472 P02 Custom Finned Wheel Covers   A A A N/A  
   Base   $  50.00
Formula without Formula Handling Package 332/Y99, Rally II Wheels (474/N98), or Honeycomb Wheels (478/P05)  $  50.00
   Esprit  $    5.00
476 P01 Deluxe Wheel Covers   A A A N/A Not Available with Formula Handling Package (332/Y99)
Base, Formula  $123.00
Esprit  $    5.00
478 P05 Honeycomb Wheels   A A A N/A 14 inch Honeycomb wheels
   Base and Formula  $123.00
   Esprit  $  97.00
    Honeycomb Wheels, 15 inch $ 123.00 N/A N/A

Available with 331/Y99

A Available Trans Am.  Also available on Formula when ordered with the Formula Handling Package (331/Y99)
471 P06 Wheel Trim Rings  $  26.00 A S A   Included with Rally II Wheels (474/N98).  Included with 332. 
TML PL4 Tires, F70 X 14 Raised White Letter Fiberglass Tires   A A A N/A  
Base or Esprit   $  75.00
Formula   $  40.00
TMF PY6 Tires, F70 X 14 Blackwall Fiberglass Tires  $  35.00 A A N/A N/A  
TGR PX6 Tires, F78 X 14 Whitewall Fiberglass Tires  $  44.00 A A N/A N/A  
THR PL# Tires, E78 X 14 Whitewall Fiberglass Tires  $  28.00 A A N/A N/A  
401 U63 AM Radio with Windshield Antenna  $  65.00 A A A A  
403 U69 AM/FM  Radio with Windshield Antenna  $135.00 A A A A  
405 U58 AM/FM Stereo with Windshield Antenna  $233.00 A A A A Includes Rear Speakers (411/U80)
411 U80 Rear Speakers  $  18.00 A A A A Included with AM/FM Stereo Radio (411/U80)
412 U57 Tape Player  $130.00 A A A A req w/AM Radio (403/U63), AM/FM Radio (403/U59). AM/FM Stereo (405/U58)
414 U55 Casette Tape Player  $133.76 A A A A Not Available with Front Console (431/D55), Rear Console(424/D58), Rear Seat Speaker (411/U80) or Tape Player (405/U57)
441 D34 Right Hand Visor Vanity Mirror  $    3.00 A A A A  
442 D31 Non-Glare Rear View Mirror  $    6.00 A A A A Included with 734
451 AK1 Custom Shoulder Belts, front and rear  $  15.00 A A A A  
    Standard Steering Wheel   S N/A N/A N/A  
461 N30 Custom Cushion Steering Wheel  $  15.00 A S S N/A  
462 N31 Custom Sport Steering Wheel  $  56.00 A A A N/A included with Formula Handling Package (332/Y99)
464 NK3 Formula Steering Wheel   A A A S The Formula Steering Wheel was available in black only.
Base Firebird (with Power Steering Only (501/N41))  $  56.00
Esprit and Formula  $  41.00
714 U30 Rally Guage cluster with Clock  $  92.00 A A A S Not available with 6 Cylinder Engine (34D), Rally Cluster with Clock (718), Electric Clock (722) or Warning/Clock Lamps (652/W74)
718 W63 Rally Guages and Clock  $  46.00 A A A N/A Not available with 6 Cylinder Engine (34D) or Electric Clock (722/U35)
722 U35 Electric Clock  $  15.00 A A A N/A Not available with Rally Guage, Tac,  and Clock (714/U30) or Rally Guages and Clock (718/W63)
431 D55 Front Console  $  57.00 A A A A Not Available With 3 Speed Manual Transmission; Column Shift (35A)
424 D58 Rear Console  $  26.00 A A A A  
501 N41 Variable Ratio Power Steering  $113.00 A A A S Required with Manual Air Conditioning (582/C60) or Electric Rear Window Defogger (534/C49)
504 N33 Tilt Steering Wheel  $  44.00 A A A A Requires Power Steering (501).  Not available with 2 speed auto transmission (35J), Turbo Hydramatic (35K), or Turbo Hydramatic (35L).  Requires Front Console (431/D55) 
521 B32 Front Floor Mats (Pair)  $    7.00 A A A A  
522 B33 Rear Floor Mats (Pair)  $    6.00 A A A A  
524 B42 Trunk Mat  $    8.00 A S A A  
531 A01 All Tinted Glass  $  37.00 A A A A  
532 A02 Tinted Windshield  $  30.00 A A A A  
534 C49 Electric Rear Window Defogger  $  62.00 A A A A Not available with 6 Cylinder (34D). Not available with Rear Window Defogger (541/C50)
541 C50 Rear Window Defogger  $  31.00 A A A A Not available with Electric Rear Window Defogger (534/C49)
551 A31 Power Windows  $113.00 A A A A Requires Console (431/D55)
582 C60 Manula Air Conditioning   $397.00 A A A A  
  Y92 Convenience Lamp Group  $  11.00 A A A A  
722 U35 Custom Trim Group  $  77.00 N/A S A A  
554 AU3 Power Door Locks  $  44.00 A A A A  
484 B85 Belt Reveal Moldings  $  15.00 A S A N/A  
481 B80 Moldings, Roof Drip  $  15.00 A S A A Included with Cordova Top (SVT)
491 B96 Front and Rear Wheel Opening Moldings  $  21.00 A S A N/A  
494 B84 Vinyl Body Side Moldings   $  31.00 A S A N/A  
432 C24 Concealed Wipers  $  18.00 A S A S  
434 D35 Dual Body-Color Sport-Type Outside Rear View Mirrors (LH Remote)  $  26.00 A S S S Not available with Left Hand Outside Rear View Mirror (444/D33) 
444 D33 Left Hand Outside Rear View Mirror (Remote Control)  $  12.00 A N/A N/A N/A Not available with Body Color Outside Rear View mirror option (434/D35)
492 B93 Door Edge Guards  $    6.00 A A A A  
572 D80 Rear Air Spoiler  $  32.00 N/A N/A A S  
SVT C08 Cordova Vinyl Top    A A A N/A  
   Esprit  $  72.00
   Base Firebird/Formula  $  87.00
614 D98 Vinyl Stripes (wide stripe along the mid-lower section from the rear of the front fender to the front of the rear fender.   $  41.00 A A A N/A  Available in Black, Blue, Gold, or Silver.
731 V30 Front and Rear Bumper Guards  $  25.00 A A A A  
601 WU3 Hood Air Inlet  $  56.00 - - A - With 455 HO Engine (34U/LS5) Only
SPS W51 Solid Special Paint   A A A N/A  
   With Vinyl Top (SVT/C08)  $  97.00
   Without Vinyl Top (SVT/C08)  $113.00
332 Y99 Formula Handling Package   $  87.00 N/A N/A A   Formerly Y96 at 205.97.  No longer includes Honeycomb Wheels
502 J50 Power Front Brakes  $  46.00 A A A S  
681 U05 Dual Horns  $    4.00 A S S S  
692 UA1 Heavy Duty Battery  $  10.00 A A A A Not available with Manual Air Conditioning (582/C60)
701 V01 Heavy Duty Radiator  $  21.00          
684 N65 Space-Saver Spare Tire  $  13.00         Without Rally II wheels (474/N98) or Honeycomb Wheels (478/P05)
423 K45 Heavy Duty Air Cleaner  $    9.00 A A A N/A  
591 VJ9 California Test  $  15.00 A A A A Required on California Cars
634 K65 Unitized Ignition  $  77.00 A A A S Required with 455 HO (34X/LS5) in Formula