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For 1973 the Firebird received very minor changes, the most notable a heavier bumper requiring the grille inserts to be less sunk.  The rear bumper stuck out an inch furtehr as well.  The big news was the introduction of the now famous screaming chicken, the large hood bird on the Trans Am.  In the Engine department Pontiac released one of the most highly sought after engines of any era, Super Duty 455 engine conservatively rated at 290hp. When the Formula was ordered with this engine the hood and scoop from the Trans Am were used instead of teh dual snorkels. 

Trans Am - Buccaneer Red Formula - Buccaneer Red Formula - Florentine Red
Trans Am - Cameo White Formula - Cameo White (Super Duty shown) Formula - Desert Sand
Trans Am - Brewster Green Firebird - Brewster Green Formula - Verdant Green
Formula - Regatta Blue
Formula - Admiralty Blue
Formula - Porcelein Blue
Formula - Ascot Silver Firebird - Slate Green Firebird - Golden Olive
Formula - Navajo Orange Formula - Valencia Gold Firebird - Sunlight Yellow
Formula - Burma Brown    

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