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For 1974 the Firebird received a facelift with new integrated bumpers and a sloping node design.  Sales continued to rise with the Super Duty 455 leading Pontiac's image.  Once again the Formula shared the Trans Am's hood and scooop when the Super Duty 455 was ordered, otherwise the dual snorkel hood would continue to identify Formula's.  Sales continued to increase with 73 ,729 Firebirds made.

Trans Am - Buccaneer Red Formula - Buccaneer Red Formula - Honduras Maroon (Super Duty shown)
Trans Am - Cameo White Firebird - Cameo White Firebird - Carmel Beige
Trans Am - Admiralty Blue Formula - Admiralty Blue Formula - Regatta Blue
Firebird - Colonial Gold
Formula - Denver Gold
Formula - Crestwood Brown
Formula - Ascot Silver (Super Duty shown) Formula - Fernmist Green Formula - Sunstorm Yellow (Super Duty shown)
Formula - Pinemist Green Firebird - Limefire Green Formula - Gulfmist Aqua
Formula - Fire Coral Bronze    

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