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For the very first time the Firebird line was introduced to a new Special Edition.  The Black and Gold Limited Edition as it was called was to become a legend.  Released to commemorate the 50th Anniversary Trans AM debuted this year in stunning black with gold accents.  Originally all LEs were to be released with the new Hurts Hatch roof but leakage problems caused moved the item to the option list.  The T-Tops as they are known were only available on this edition for 1976.  The Formula received a stunning new option in the W50 Formula Appearance Package which featured a blacked out lower valance, blacked-out trim, and blacked-out hood scoops.  Originally available only on Goldenrod Yellow Formulas the popularity of the option caused it to be offerred on Carousel Red, Sterling Silver, and Cameo White cars as well.  Firebird sales continued to climb to 110,775 for the model year.

Trans Am - 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Trans Am - Starlight Black Formula - Starlight Black
Trans Am - Cameo White Formula with W50 Appearance Package - Cameo White Formula - Cameo White
Trans Am - Sterling Silver Formula with W50 Appearance Package - Sterling Silver Formula - Sterling Silver
Trans Am - Carousel Red
Formula with W50 Appearance Package - Carousel Red
Firebird - Carousel Red
Trans Am - Firethorn Red Formula - Firethorn Red Formula - Cordovan Maroon
Trans Am - Goldenrod Yellow Formula - Goldenrod Yellow Formula with W50 Appearance Package - Goldenrod Yellow
Firebird - Alpine Green Firebird - Athena Blue Firebird - Metalime Green
Firebird - Bavarian Creme
Firebird - Durango Bronze
Formula - Polaris Blue
Buckskin Metallic    

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