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For 1977 the Black and Gold Special Edition returned, probably in it's most famous guise ever, starring in the Smokey and the Bandit movie.  The SE was a huge hitwith 15, 569 sold in that year alone.  For the first time a new special edition also appeared on the Esprit platform, the Skybird wrapped in specific blue paint and striping.  Firebirds continued to grow in popularity with a total of 155,735 built. 
Trans Am - Black Special Edition Trans Am - Starlight Black Firebird Esprit - Skybird
Formula - Starlight Black Formula with W50 Appearance Package - Starlight Black Formula - Firethorn Red
Formula - Mohave Tan Formula - Mandarin Orange Formula - Buckskin Metallic
77 Buckskin Metallic Formula
Trans Am - Brentwood Brown
Formula - Brentwood Brown
Firebird - Nautilus Blue
Trans Am- Buccaneer Red Formula - Buccaneer Red Formula with W50 Appearance Package - Buccaneer Red
Trans Am - Goldenrod Yellow Formula with W50 Appearance Option - Goldenrod Yellow Firebird - Goldenrod Yellow
Trans Am - Cameo White Formula - Cameo White Formula with W50 Appearance Package - Cameo White
Trans Am - Sterling Silver
Formula - Sterling Silver
Formula - Sterling Silver
Formula with W50 Appearance Package - Glacier Blue Firebird - Glacier Blue Firebird - Aquamarine
Firebird - Bahia Green

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