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For the first time in Firebird history a second special edition Trans Am was made available alongside the popular Black and Gold Special Edition.  This was the Gold Special Edition.  Everything black on the Black and Gold Special Edition turned gold on this new SE.  Originally the Gold SE was to replace the Black version but the Black and Gold edition disappeared for only a short time.  The story goes that the water based gold paint used in the Van Nuys plant was very inconsistent, the bumpers often not matching the rest of the car, so the Gold Edition was short lived.  This may just be a story since 8676 Gold SEs were built along with 3643 Black SEs  so it seems that the Gold Edition was built for some time.  The Esprit Skybird edition continued this year but soon to be replaced by the Redbird.

Trans Am Gold Special Edition Trans Am - Black Special Edition Firebird Esprit - Skybird
Firebird Esprit - Redbird Edition Trans Am - Starlight Black Formula with W50 Appearance Package- Starlight Black
Firebird Esprit - Starlight Black Formula - Carmine Formula - Ember Mist
Trans Am - Martinique Blue
Formula - Martinique Blue
Formula with W50 Appearance Package - Martinique Blue
Trans Am - Solar Gold (Non SE) Formula - Berkshire Green Formula - Glacier Blue
Trans Am - Sundance Yellow Formula with W50 Appearance Package - Sundance Yellow Firebird - Sundance Yellow
Trans Am - Mayan Red Formula with W50 Appearance Package - Mayan Red Firebird - Mayan Red
Trans Am - Chesterfield Brown
Formula - Chesterfield Brown
Firebird - Chesterfield Brown
Trans Am - Cameo White Formula with W50 Performace Package - Cameo White Firebird - Cameo White
Trans Am - Platinum
Formula - Platinum

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