1981 Firebird Interior Choices

Firebirds have always been offered in two trim levels, the standard and Custom.  The Custom interior was standard on Esprit and optional on Formula and Trans Am.  The custom interior offered more luxurious amenities like an improved seat design and specific door panels with carpeted lower sections.  There was also a holding strap on the passenger dashboard.

For the last of the second generation Firebirds the interior gave the design a send off marked in luxury.  Cloth was a big seller and the cloth offerings continued to expand.  The standard cloth seats were again offered in Blue and Camel Tan but with a new textured fabric called Millport.  The custom interior gained a new ribbed cloth pattern called Pimlico replacing the Hobnail cloth inserts of 1979 to 1980.  Beige was added to the Custom cloth list of colors and is difficult to discern from Camel Tan which was still offered.  Red replaced Carmine as the Red tone color and Silver replaced Oyster  in both vinyl trim groups.  The appointment mixes were eliminated with the dropping of Oyster thereby reducing the total number of color/material/trim combinations from 25 to 18.  The two tone concept was still captured as all models featured darker colored dash boards and consoles that the rest of the trim items.  Again a Pace Car edition was offered, this time to commemorate Pontiac's pacing of the Daytona 500.  This model featured the most radical interior design with Recaro seats trimmed in black cloth with bright red inserts, and a black interior with red carpet and red highlights.  The Recaro seats were actually the very first Firebird seats to ever offer a rake adjustment and side supports.  Only 2000 of the Pace Cars were made.  Again this model came with embroidered birds on the door panels and rear seat.

Standard Interior - Oxen Vinyl
Silver (15R1) Black (19R1) Blue (26R1)
Camel Tan (62R1) Red (75R1)  


Standard Interior - Millport Clotjh
Blue (26D1) Camel Tan (64D1)


Custom Interior - Doeskin Vinyl
Silver (15N1) Black (19N1)  Blue (26N1)
Camel Tan (62N1) Red (75N1)  


Custom Interior - Pimlico Cloth
Black (19B1) Blue (26B1) Beige (63B1)
Camel Tan (64B1) Red (75B1)  


The Daytona Pace Car Edition - Recaro Seats

Please note that the pictures presented here are the best available.  Some combinations are very rare and the photos shown may not represent a 100% accurate depiction of a correct Firebird interior.  Some may have custom steering wheels, shifters, faded material, etc..  The pictures do illustrate an accurate depiction of the colors available.