Tran-Zam High Res Gallery
1971 Trans Am with 455 HO

Rick H. is a key member of the Charter Oak Firebirds and owner of this pristine 1971 Trans Am with the venerable 455 HO motor. The 1971/72 Trans Ams were overlooked for years by collectors since the 455 HO was a low compression engine designed to run on unleaded fuel. Finally the word caught on, GM had increased the engine size to 455 cubic inches from 1970's 400 to give it the horsepower of old even with the lower compression. With a big block, round port heads, and functional shaker scoop this car is a true muscle car.

I always enjoy photographing this car, white cars are especially hard to shoot. Fortunately Rick has this beauty out often so that I could get great low light shots, an absolute must on bright white cars.

Finished in Cameo white with blue stripes and a matching blue interior this car is a time machine that takes you right back to the days when this car may have been referred to as Groovy or Far Out. You could take a spin and guzzle up a couple of gallons of 33 cent gasoline, listen to the radio announcers theorizing as to why the Beatles broke up, and come home to a TV dinner with Sonny and Cher and Flip Wilson on your black and white TV.