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1972 Formula 400 Firebird

Here is a car that could stump the most knowledgeable Firebird enthusiast. Not because it is a '72, rare in itself with only 5250 Formulas made that year due to a prolonged strike at the GM Firebird plant. Not because it had the optional 400 for that year (the standard Formula engine was a 350 in 1972). No, the uniqueness of this car is in the color. If you look at the trim tag the spaces usually reserved for the upper and lower colors are replaced by blanks. This car was custom ordered in a non-factory correct color for a 1972 Firebird!

Back in the early '70s GM would allow custom colors. High Performance Pontiac documented a 1973 Trans Am that was delivered in primer. It is uncertain whether GM allowed the custom color buyer to specify any color they wanted or if they were restricted to only colors on other models. This color is very similar to the Cinnamon Bronze color that could be ordered on the larger Catalinas, Bonnevilles and Grand Villes.

Whatever the color this car is surely a one of a kind. The owner is he second owner who bought this car in the early seventies off a dealer lot. Given the unique color I asked the owner to name it, he chose Akon Gold. I wish he had called it "For Sale Bronze."