Tran-Zam High Res Gallery
1973 Trans Am

This car is new to the cold climate of the north east United States and owners Martin and Carolyn weren't shy about getting it out into the driveway for the opportunity to shoot some rare pictures of a Firebird in the snow. These pictures above all brought back memories for me of a time when owners of these cars drove them daily, to work, to scholl, in the snow, in the rain, anytime. These cars were a more common site back then and many took them for granted. Today it is difficult to imaging an owner taking a car like this out on a salt covered road, not the Martin and Carolyn did, but you get the flavor.

What I like about these pictures is that they contrast the car's Cameo White exterior with the pure white snow. No photo better illustrates the contrast and the off white nature of the car is often lost on colored background. Naturally being a '73 this car packs a big 455 as standard equipment under the hood. The White interior with balck accents is a rare and unique addition to this car.

I'm setting my goals for a '73....someday.