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1974 Super Duty Formula 455

Here is a famous car that has graced the pages of the Classic Industries catalog and Phoenix Graphics. This 1974 Formula 455 Firebird is powered by the legendary Super Duty 455 engine. One of only 58 made this car may be one of a kind finished in Honduras Maroon with a Russet vinyl top. When ordered with the Super Duty engine Formula's came with the Trans Am's shaker scoop instead of the dual snorkel scoop that adorned standard Formula's. With low production numbers Pontiac did not want to certify the Super Duty with the Formula hood for noise emissions so all Super Duties in 1973 and 1974 received shakers.

This car is also fully loaded with custom black cloth interior, air conditioning, front disc brakes, rear spoiler, front console, automatic transmission, power windows, and an 8 track player. According to the window sticker the cloth interior and honeycomb wheels were added later but are correct to this model.

You are not likely to see another '74 like this one.