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1975 Trans Am

I would be willing to wager that out of all the second generation Trans Am's remaining in the world today that the 1975 model is probably the most rare. The '70 to '74's are being lovingly restored and the 1976 to 1981 models were built in mass quantities. 1975 was the first year that the Trans Am began selling in large numbers, even with its emissions strangling catalytic converter and lower output. The fact of the matter is that Pontiac was building higher performance cars in that time than any other manufacturer so the 1975 takes a special place in history for that reason. Since muscle was being regulated out of existence Pontiac responded with a car that would go around corners and handle with the best. The styling is unique and this color was very popular in those days, although seldom seen today.

You can't call this car emissions strangled, it ran 11.90 in the quarter mile. You think you are looking at a stock '75 but when the engine starts it sounds like it would eat hemi's for breakfast.

The rubber bumper look of the 1974/75 Firebird is also a sign of the time. The rules for manufacturing cars were changing fast and 5mph bumpers were now the rule, along with the catalytic converter.