Tran-Zam High Res Gallery
1978 Black and Gold Special Edition

This car was a purpose built car to the owner's liking. The car started life as a Platinum W72 Trans Am but became a Bandit. Owner John K is a long time Firebird enthusiast and President of the Pioneer Valley Firebird Association in Western Massachusetts.

This car is a better than new restoration, correctly restored to Bandit specs. Under the hood is the original W72 T/A-6.6 motor with a little more than the 220hp that the factory graced it with. Starting her up is the only way to guess that the 6.6 is not completely stock.

John performed much of the restoration himself on this car and it has one multiple show trophies, including honors at the Saratoga Springs Firebird show in Saratoga NY. Each time I talk with John while standing next to this car people constantly come up to ask if it is for sale.

By the way, John is a smokey in real life. How about a sequel, Smokey is the Bandit.