Tran-Zam High Res Gallery
1979 Mayan Red Trans Am

This color combination has always been a the top of my all time favorites. One similar to this graces my garage. This car was equipped with Oldsmobile 403 and has the rare WS7 Special Performance Package option. This package, was essentially the same as the venerable WS6 Performance Package except without 4 Wheel Disc brakes. As the story goes the 4 Wheel Discs became scarce and Pontiac prioritized the brakes for the last of the 400, 4 Speed cars.

In 2010 this car and many like it, stand as a testimony to the past. Oldsmobile closed its doors many years ago and now Pontiac has made a less than graceful exit from the auto industry as well. You might say this car is a double extinction.

I also love the red interior outfitted in custom hobnail cloth. Red interiors have also died in popularity on most car lines. I remember red interors surviving into the '80s but falling from the option lists in the '90s.

These shots were taken at the Warwick Rhode Island Eastern Nationals show in 2006. This was a great Pontiac show and is on for 2010. Check out for more info.