Tran-Zam High Res Gallery
1979 Sundance Yellow Trans Am

These pictures were taken from 2001 to 2003 at the now defunct Pontiac show at Heberts Candy Mansion in Worcester , MA. If you wanted to be noticed, even amongst other Trans Am owners this was the car to buy in 1979.

This car was treated to new paint shortly after new. The owner showed me some documentation of a factory recall on the Sundance Yellow cars. That may explain the rarity of the color. The decals were reinstalled at that time in incorrect positions on the fenders and front bumper and the owner opted to have the snowflake wheels painted in matching yellow paint at that time as well. Body color wheels were never an option on the snowflake wheels except with the special Skybird, Redbird, and Yellowbird packages.

The hood decal on this Trans Am does not have any clear overlap like most Trans Am hood birds do. My car, a Mayan Red with the same orange decal also has no clear overlap and appears to have been factory cut. This may be a strange coincidence with both our cars having been customized to eliminate the overlap.