Tran-Zam High Res Gallery
1979 Silver and Gold Trans Am

This 1979 is currently sitting on a dealer lot in Connecticut. The current owner could not locate a build sheet so it is unknown whether this color combination is factory original. In 1979 you could choose option D60 - Color and Trim Incompatibility Override to choose any color combination you wanted, even if it wasn't one of the factory recommended combos (see the Trans Am Galleries for 1979 to 1981 for examples). At any rate this car is the only silver and gold combination I have ever seen. All the other Solar Gold examples I have viewed over the past 30 years have always been gold on gold.

Nicely outfitted with gold snowflake wheels and a Tan custom interior this car is nearly mint. The only sign that this car has been re-decaled is because it is equipped with a 403 and the shaker incorrectly calls out T/A-6.6 (it should say 6.6 LITRE).

After 31 years this car may very well be one of a kind.