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1980 Turbo Trans Am Indianapolis Pace Car Edition

This is a very special car, not because of its originality or it's excellent condition, it is imperfect. The special thing about this car is that it is mine. These photos are from the day I picked I picked it up and brought it home.

Owning this car has been my goal for 30 years, ever since I saw my first one in 1980. hi car was over the top, even by Trans Am standards with the bright white paint and charcoal two-tone and all the special striping. In 1980 I bought a photo of a Pace Car that I hung in my room, in my dorm at college, and finally in my garage (after I got a house with a garage, why my wife didn't want it in the living room is beyond me).

This car may lack the horsepower of the earlier big block cars but it is fun to drive. The first time I became aware of the fact that Pontiac made a Turbo Trans Am was through a model in the hobby store windows of a 1/8th scale Turbo TA. At 17 years old I recall thinking how exotic a turbo would be, and the Turbo trans Am callouts on the rear spoiler seemed to make it a special Trans Am. At 17 muscle cars were usually old rusty pieces of junk and the new cars were the new technology. Maybe you won't get whiplash when you floor it but this thing is fun to drive, and a handler around the curves.

It joins my Mayan Red '79 400 project car in my garage.