Warwick Rhode Island 2006

August 12th, 2006

Pontiac Celebration! The Warwick show will be held in 2010 on September 18th!!!!!!

The Warwick Eastern Regionals were hosted at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in fall 2006 in Warwick, RI. Several hundred Pontiacs were in attendance including a plethora of Firebirds. This years event is a full weekend with barbeques, cruises, and of course the car show planned. With the participation of this years show reaching all th way to New York this show has the poteential be be huge.

I will be looking for new and interesting cars for the tran-zam virtual car show. Hope to see you there!



Here is a prize winning car, a super rare 1974 Super Duty 455 Formula Firebird complete with vinyl top, honeycomb wheels, cloth custom interior, and of course the much sought after Super Duty engine. If you wanted a Trans Am but didn't like White, Red, or Blue you could get a Formula in any color you wanted. This car is Honduras Maroon.
These photos are from later in the day, earlier the field was full of cars. This photo is the Firebird rainbow. The diversity of cars was awesome.
In 2006 I was just starting to use a digital camera and having to manage the amount of memory means I did not shoot that many first, third, or fourth generation cars (it is the second gen site after all). This year I am bring many more gigs and video. This first gen was a rarity with the 400 HO.
I wish this were a shot of my back yard. I wanted every single one of these cars.
Here is a beaut, a 1977 Formula in the one year only Aquamarine color. Warwick provides some beautiful settings for the cars.
Here is something you no longer see that often, a mildly customized Formula exterior. The hood tach and front spoiler should have been an option in my opinion.
Here is a car that should not have any problem being noticed, a Carousel Red 1976 Trans Am. I love white interiors so if I were shopping for a '76 this would be it.
Rare to see in Admiralty Blue this car had the Super Duty 455 to turn the rear wheels.
This is my favorite '79. I have a similar one in the garage, and basement, and in boxes throughout the house. If you are shy and like to hug the walls at parties don't buy this color.
If you're more subdued try this gentlemean's Trans Am. Tasefully done with silver graphics over white this car is a statement of Firebird class.
The GTO's were also well represented. The crown jewel of the lot was this 1970 Judge Convertible with a Ram Air IV power train! Encased in Granada Gold paint this car is most likely one of a kind.
A line of gorgeous 1970 and 1971 Trans Ams.
.Even the spectator cars were cool. This 3 liter Ferrari no doubt was watching and having cubic inch envy. It seems as though I am tending to see more Ferraris in the Pontiac spectator parking lots.