Warwick Rhode Island 2010

September 18, 2010


The field was alive with Firebirds, GTO's, Fieros, and ever conceivable other model of Pontiac. Grand Prixs were particularly well represented. Over 30 Firebirds were in attendance at the fields of the luxurious Crowne Plaza Hotel.

It was a perfect day for shooting images of high quality cars.

There were a couple of breakdowns at the show and it is amazing at how all the car enthusiasts band together to help each other out. Here Rick H. assists Jim N. with a ride to his disabled GTO. Rick's car had a fuel pump problem the day before and received similar help from Harry D and others.

This is as much a people hobby as a car hobby. It has been a long time since I have seen so much good old fashioned helping attitude.

Rick H's car often graces these pages but here is a view I have never shot before. Taken at a fairly long range the lines of the Firebird really show well. I always considered the Firebird the perfect mixture of curves and angles giving it that smooth yet tough look.
A stunning '78 non SE gold Trans Am. The '78 gold cars had the special five color hood bird differing from the standard two color birds offerred on every other color that year. Back in the day Pontiac stylists were not afraid to push the envelope and try new things.

Harry D's perfect 1979 gold Trans Am. For this season Harry hopped it up a bit ad the car sounds ready for Daytona.

Harry is the winner of Tran-zam's "best tag line" award. Harry's tag line:

"A Camaro looks like it can kick your ass. A Trans Am looks like it's coming over to do it."


I have a passion for red cars. This gold on red '79 is a seldom seen color these days.

If you were looking for rare colors check out thsi pristine orange on yellow Trans Am. This is a color you hardly ever see.

David B. won a trophy for this perfect example.

This is actually not the same car. Yes, two yellow '79 Trans Ams were in attendance at this show! This one really lit the field up.
As if that weren't enough a '76 yellow Trans Am was also in attendance! Scott P. brought this rare example to the show and drew quite a crowd.

Here is a car that puts history into perspective. Remember that 1976 was the bicentenial of the United States. 1976 was a year long bicentenial celebration and what better way to remember than to decorate a 1976 Trans Am with patriotic images?

If this weren't on the hood of a Trans Am this painting would be hanging in a museum. The owner dubbed this Trans Am "The Spirit of '76."


Providing the bookend to the Spirit of '76 was this stock '76 with the highly desirable 455 motor. Silver was a popular color on Trans Ams in the seventies working particularly well on this model.



What is special about this car is that it is exactly what the original owner wanted. This one owner car is sans the hood bird and optioned in silver. Whatever this owner was thinking in buying this car he certainly did'nt manage to get a car that blends in with the crowd. This car is gorgeous.
Rounding out the second gen silver cars was this late arrival that I snapped entering the show. A silver '79 Trans Am with silver/gray graphics. This was the most subdued color combo for that year but a combo that would not get lost in a crowd for sure.
Let's just keep the silver trend going with this third gen. Check out that huge hood bulge. This car never went to the show area show I don't know what was under that hood. I wish I did.
The fourth gen cars were not in abundant supply at this show. This car was made for that color.
A white '73 Formula is hardly a sleeper with those outrageous hood scoops and rear spoiler but this car was tastefully optioned. Note the '70 Trans Am style bumper decal on the nose, a nice custom touch.
Here is all the birds flocking in the Firebird calss section.
Make sure you check this car out in Tran-Zam's virtual car show. This car is a special order color not ordinarily available on Firebirds. A '72 Firebird is the rarest of the breed since a GM strike in 1972 stifled production but a special order '72 probably makes this car a one of a kind.

This red '79 Super Duty is an all original survivor. This owner is committed to keeping this car as she left the factory.

The interesting thing about this Super Duty is that the current owner bought it off a used car lot 17 years ago. Can you even imagine finding a rare car like this being sold like it was just another used car? Can you imagine someone just trading in a Super Duty 455?

Two of the three colors available on 1974 Trans Ams were shown in Warwick. This example is the Admiralty Blue color and is a real Super Duty as well.

Cameo White was the third color but none was to be found. Two out of three ain't bad, and SD-455's to boot!

The Bandits were well represented with three '78's present. This is John K's '78 Bandit. Make sure you check this car out on the virtual car show.

I imagine John's basement must be full of trophies. Ever show he attends he gets one.

Another fine '78 Bandit, this time with the Hurts T-Tops.

Bandit Rich's Bandit. This car started life as a Y88 Gold Edition but was morphed into the famous Bandit motiff.

A 1910 Oakland. This car was snazy. The brass accents were very classy.

My 1980 Turbo Trans Am Indianapolis Pace Car in the Hotel parking lot. Next to me was a cool '73 GTO.