The Pioneer Valley GTO Association Show

The PVGTOAA show is open to all makes and as you may guess consists mostly of GTOs. The Firebird is always well represented at this show as the "little brother" of the GTO and many of the PVGTOAA members also own Firebirds. A great show with great cars.

June 6, 2009

With a DJ housed in the very rare GM Futur Linr owned by Peter Pan Bus Lines of Springfield, MA, plenty of indoor seating, and quality car show food this show is more of a social event than an ordinary car show.

A Futur Linr similar to the one seen sold for more than $4 million on TV's Barrett Jackson auction a few years ago. This is probably the only one you can climb aboard in a casual environment thanks to the generousity of Peter Pan.

Not only were Firebirds one of the highest numbering attendees but quality Firebirds were abundant. Take this pristine 1970 Trans Am in the rare Lucerne Blue hue for example.

This rare 1981 Daytona Pace Car is owned by Jeff of Citadel Networks. If you're looking for a true car enthusiast (particularly a Firebird enthusiast) to do your web site contact Jeff. Jeff also did the Pioneer Valley GTO Associations's web site.

See it here

The 1975 Firebird marked a banner year of increased sales for the marque but they are rarely seen at car shows. Here are three '75's in a row, a Formula flanked by two Trans Ams. None of these were stock and each sounded like they were ready to eat Vipers for lunch.
This is as close as any of may get to a high res shot of a 1975 Pontiac dealership. The rubber strips in front were there only to give customers a good feeling that the new Federal 5mph bumper laws were being met.

The star of the 1975 Pontiac lineup was the Trans Am in this new shade of Sterling Silver. This was the first year for silver Trans Ams. While hardly making the car look like a "sleeper" this color proved popular from then on.

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This is a real rarity, a 1976 Formula in all original trim, except for the wheels. The chrome rims and big tires confirm that the Formula was not to be underestimated by TA owners.

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The 1976 Formula's immaculate interior. Note the remove before flight tag hanging off the rear view mirror.
The show field. This show is a great place to enjoy the Firebird hobby while also getting the chance to appreciate other makes and models, including hot rods, exotics, and customs.

This car is no stranger to this web site. This is the one of a kind 1972 Firebird Formula in a special order paint.


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This was a shot of the '72 that I like alot. Note the flag and remember when "buy American" meant you were going to get something great that symbolized our unique American culture.

In 1972 if you bought a Japanese car you would be ridiculed by your neighbors.

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John K.'s show stealing Trans Am. No one ever gets tired of looking at this car, myself included.


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This is my guess as to what Jim Rockford would have done to his Esprit if he had the time. Rockford should have done this, I don't think the bad guys would ever try to chse this one down do you? What would be the point?
Her eis something a little unique for the shows, a Ford GT. I'm not sure if this is a replica or not, it is just cool.

You can keep the trophies, this is my kind of show judge. !



Here is a car that showed up but parked in the specator parking. While it has some pitting and surface rust I still like to see these cars in shows. Maybe you will get to see if eveolve over time as the owner works on it. A 1978 Martinique Blue TA with Hurts Tops is a rare car. I'm gald to see it being taken care of.



Here is a car in the show that still is in need of some work. Looking at the engine bay you can see this car has come a long way. Personally, I always enjoy an unpolished diamond too.


A subtle color combo on a monstor machine, the 1967 Firebird 400 shown is a great example of the year but also of colors that people liked most in those times.



A mint 1974 Formula 350, correct in every detail.



A 1975 Trans Am in Buccaneer Red, my personal favorite color. The owner took some liberties with non factory gray graphics. It leads you to wonder why the factory never let you mix and match decal colors with exterior colors until 1979.



I 1975 Formula. Seriously, whe wa sthe llast time you saw one of these?



The crowd gathers for food and beverages. A good time was had by all.