Saratoga Springs 2010
July 11th, 2010
More than 100 Firebirds showed up for the 2010 Saratoga Springs All Firebird Lawn Show. The number was down from 2009 because the show was postponed due to heavy rain expected on Saturday. The Sunday show was missing quite a few cars but the quality of the attending Firebirds was outstanding.
All generations of Firebirds were well represented. The third generation Firebirds are really picking up in number, possibly representing that this style is now becoming more collectible.
There is nothing like a second generation Trans Am for pure audacity with the hood scoops and hood birds.
A sea of Second Gens
This car has graced these pages before and is one of my favorites. Few 1980 Trans Ams are seen these days, especially in these rare colors. This one is Fiero Bronze.
Nocturne Blue was a popular color in 1979. This example with a 403 and light blue interior is identical to the first Trans Am I ever drove.
Check out the scoop, SD-455. The 73 and 74 Super Duty is a sure collectible but have you noticed lately that you see more of the rare colors (Brewster Green in 73 and Admiralty Blue in 74). It seems like there are less of the red ones. This one was mint.
Pace Cars were well represented. This is my 1980 Indianapolis Pace Car.
Another 1980 Pace Car, this time a restored example looking very pristine. I was jealous.
Probably the most tasteful of the second generation Trans Ams this 1981 Pace Car was the only one in attendance this year. This was a super example.
Many readers of the message board know Old Blue. This car is still owned by its original owner who special ordered it in these colors just to have a difefrent Trans Am than others. The owner says that people often approach him saying that the color combination is wrong. If you follow this site however you know that you could order any colors you wanted in 1981.
An 84 with teh spoiler package was an extremely uncommon site for a long time. These cars are definitely worth preserving.
Here is an 85 with the optional, but not very popular hood bird. Pontiac re-released a hood bird in 1985 but it did not meet with the popularity that it had on the second generation Tans Ams. I guess the times were changing. A rare option on this car is that it had the standard spoiler, not the big black rubber wing that was optional for 1985 (standard on 1986 and newer).
Proof positive that third gens are getting more attention from the collector market was this 1982 model, tricked and detailed to the max. This owner thought the style definitely deserved an investment. I agree.

Looking at the engine bay you can see the great amount of detail and work that went into this car. The air intake and hood scoop were completely fabricated by the owner!



On the subject of third generation investments this owner decided to spare no expense on the customization on this 1986 Trans Am. Dubbed "Goldzilla" this car has more gold accents than Mr. T. This car belongs in a museum of fine arts, it is that good.



The big chrome wheels on this resto-mod remind me of the old Hot Wheels, a look that I really like. This cobalt blue car was a screamer.


There were actually three Atlantis Blue 1979 Trans Ams at the show. This is very unusual for a color that was not that often seen even in 1979. The owner admits that the color was not originally one of his favorites but now he has grown to love it. I was way ahead of him, I always loved this color.



I was not able to get a hood down shot on this 1974 yellow Formula. What a color and what a car!



Only one Gold edition arrived for this year, but what a beauty. This Y88 was a site to behold.



Did you ever notice how rare it is these days to see an Esprit? The smooth lines and unadorned hood and fenders are a nice change. The red pin stripe really set this color off.



This is always a show favorite. White on red is a not often seen combination.



Look at the meats on those wheels. The dark blue on white interior was a stunning contrast. Very few people ordered white interiors, probably because it was hard to keep clean. What a shame, it is a great combo.



I am seeing more '71's lately. These cars are incredible.



This '76 was a mild custom and was completely fresh. The big wheels are the new honeycomb designs.



A 1970 BAse Firebird is probably one of the rarest birds out there. Here was a fine example in Coronado Gold. Earth tone colors were the "in style" in the early seventies. Since Trans Ams only came in white and blue these other colors are hardly ever seen. My hats off to this owner for preserving a piece of history.



An '82 balck and gold special edition. You can tell but the larger bird on the hood. The 1982 Trans Am was subtle and extremely aerodynamic, in fact the most aerodynamic car built at that time. Even the bowling ball wheels were aerodynamic. The tires on this car are the original Uniroayl Steel Belted radials.



The best of the last, two 2002 Colelctors Edition cars side by side.



Another rarity, a 1978 Formula sans the W50 graphics in Carmine Red. If you wanted speed in 1978 without the bold graphics this was the car to get. A Formula could be ordered with all the performance goodies of a Trans Am.



The best of the 1980 Firebirds. A Special Edition Turbo and the Indianapolis Pace Car.