All Models Except as Noted
11 - Cameo White
15 - Platinum
19 - Starlight Black
24 - Tahoe Blue
29 - Nightwatch Blue
Added to Trans Am colors on 1/17/1980. N/A Formula
51 - Tahitian yellow
N/A Formula. Cancelled 1/14/1980.
51 - Yellow Bird Yellow
Yellowbird only
57 - Solar Gold
67 - Barclay Brown
N/A Formula and Trans Am
72 - Francisco Red
76 - Montreaux Maroon
79 - Carousel Red
N/A Formula
80 - Fiero Bronze
84 - Ontario Gray
Accent Colors
16 - Charcoal Accent
Upper color on Indianapolis Pace Car Edition
Lower color on Formula
37 - Yellowbird Accent)
  • Cameo White available since 1971
  • Francisco Red was not available on Trans Am at its introduction but was added at some point. This red as the Redbird Red (Roman Red) introduced on the '78 Redbird Esprit

Option D98: Vinyl Accent Stripes

Production Total: 13,072
  • Not Available with Yellowbird Appearance Package (W73)
  • Carried over from 1979 the Argent (Silver) and Blue graphics are identical to 1979 and 1981. The Red and Gold Stripes were darker shades tahn previous and Bronze was added.
  • Stripe and Exterior color selection were the customer's choice
Pick one
Carousel Red and Red/Gold striping
Select a car color (Click to see example)
11 - Cameo White
15 - Platinum
19 - Starlight Black
24 - Tahoe Blue
29 Nightwatch Blue
51 - Tahitain Yellow
50 - Solar Gold
67 - Barclay Brown**
72 - Francisco Red
79 - Carousel Red
80 - Fiero Bronze

Trans Am Graphics

Pick one
Pace Car
In 1980 Pontiac continued offerring any combination of graphics and body that the buyer wanted. With graphic colors expanded to six this left the buyer with an insane number of color options.
Starlight Black with Gold graphics
Select a car color (Click to see example)
Cameo White
Starlight Black
Tahoe Blue
Nightwatch Blue
Solar Gold
Tahitian yellow
Fiero Bronze
Francisco Red
Montreaux Maroon
Carousel Red
Ontario Gray

U87: Firebird Formula

1980 Firebird Formula
Formula paint schemes retained the two tone paint intruduced on all models in 1979. Graphics were offerred in blue (carried from 1979), dark gold (darker than 1979s), red replacing orange and a new broze for the Fiero Bronze cars. Select a button below to view the color and graphics scheme (Standard, W50, or W50 with the Turbo engine which featured unique spoiler identification when option W50 was specified). Slect paint colors from the left column to see the color choices.
Select Formula Trim (Standard, W50 or W50 Turbo). Then select colors at the left
Turbo Formula, W50 Equipped
W50 Graphics with Turbo: Cameo White with Nightwatch Blue Lower and blue accents
In 1980 the two tone paint scheme was carried over for all Formula models with a few striking changes. On white Formulas the lower color was changed from charcoal to blue and Platinum and Red (Francisco Red for 1980) cars were painted marroon instead of charcoal on the lower body. The Standard Formula carried over the more mellow appearance with the bird decal on the rear spoiler and small Formula callout on the rear bumper. The W50 package continued to add the large FORMULA door panel graphic and FORMULA lettering on the rear spoiler. If you got the new Turbo engine you had the letters TURBO FORMULA emblazoned across the rear spoiler instead.

Option B84: Vinyl Body Side Moldings

A total of six colors of body side moldings were again optional in 1980. Gold replaced beige from 1979, gray replaced platinum, the claret shade was darkened up to maroon.
Available All Models
Production Total: 45,984
Examples shown on this page consist of scanned images or reproduction artwork that can not be faithfully reproduced on a computer screen. Illustrations are for example only. Consult with your vendors offerring reproduction parts for their historical accuracy.