1979 Firebirds

To celebrate the introduction of the Trans Am in 1969 a new model, the Tenth Anniversary Trans Am was available. Stunning in its Platinum paint with Charcoal two tone the TATA was a hit. The TATA also featured mirrored T-Tops, leather seats, and a huge hood bird that overlapped the front fenders. Black and red striping accented all body lines similar to the Special Editions along with one off name decals on the fenders and rear spoiler. The TATA was considered a separate model with the VIN stamped X87 instead of W87 and came standard with every factory option. The only choice the consumer got was engine choice, either the Oldsmobile 403 with Automatic transmission or the Pontiac 400 with manual 4 speed. With the 400 engine cruise control was deleted since this was not available with manual transmissions. The Tenth Anniversary Trans Am was the first Firebird to break the $10,000 cost at $10,620.

The Black Special Edition and Esprit Redbird were continued from 1978 in two tone red with gold accents. Black and Gold Special Editions with the W72 400 are very rare with only 1107 made making this even more rare than the Tenth Anniversary Trans Am with the same engine at 1817. The W50 Formula Appearance Package was continued but standard Formulas now had two tone paint very similar to the W50 without the FORMULA door decal or painted hood scoops. The W50 cars now loudly proclaimed FORMULA on the rear spoiler as well while standard Formula's carried the spoiler bird decal.

In the engine bay the big block would make its last appearance as strict new emmissions laws for 1980 would kill the engine altogther. Only 8.672 of the last Pontiac made 400 cubic inch engines were saved for installation as an option in Formula and Trans Am. The Oldsmobile 403 was also destined for extinction and came standard in Trans Am, optional in Formula. The Trans Am could be had with a 4bbl 301, the first year a small block would be installed under the hood of a TA, and was offerred as a credit option. Base Firebird and Esprit continued with the Buick 231 V-6 as standard equipment and could be had with either the 2bbl or 4bbl 301. In high altitude areas you could also get the Chevrolet 350 for the last time. For California cars the Chevrolet 305 was the only option. Formula had the 2bbl 301 as standard equipment but could be had with the 4bbl 301, the 403, or the 400 except in California where the 305 was standard. The 350 was required in Formula as well in high altitude areas.

Formula and Trans Am were offerred with four wheel disc brakes this year as part of the WS6 performance package that included larger sway bars and wider 8 inch wheels. Pontiac could not keep up with demand causing them to offer the WS7 package that included everything from the WS6 package withour four wheel disc brakes.

Identifying a '79 from its predecessors is easy but '79 to '81 versions are almost identical. The '81 has a small bird relief in the center of the tail lamps but this is easily, and often, replaced. For standard interior equipped cars you can tell by the vertical ribs at the upper section of the seat that were smooth in '80 to '81. Trans Am graphics were substantially changed in '81 using a two color bird and logos with hollowed feathers. Identifying an '80 is much more difficult and short of checking the VIN you would have to know the colors available. A small feature in the dash is a clue where turn signal lamps were changed from arrows to circles.

1979 Production Numbers

Firebird (Base) 38,642
Esprit 30,853
Formula 24,850
Trans Am 117,108
Total 211,453

1979 Base Firebird Production

Engine Manual Automatic Total
All engines - - 38,642

1979 Esprit Production

Manual Automatic Total
Esprit (Non-W68) - - 26,605
Redbird (W68)* - - 4,248
All Engines - - 30,853

1979 Formula Production

Manual Automatic Total
W72 400 3461 0 346
403 Oldsmobile - 7,732 7,7322
All other engines (301, 305, 350) 16,772
Total - - 24,850
Formula Firebird with W50 Appearance Package totalled 16,831**

1979 Trans Am Production

Trim Manual Automatic Total
Trans Am Coupe 4,075 55,503 59,578
Trans Am T-Top 4,447 34,029 38,476
Trans Am Black SE* 1,320 10,234 11,554
Tenth AnniversaryTrans Am 1,817 5,683 7,500
Total 11,659 105,449 117,108

1979 Trans Am by Engine Option

Engine Option Manual Automatic Total
Trans Am Coupe (Non-SE)
L37 301 1,590 7,015 8,605
W72 400 2,485 0 2,485
L80 403 0 48,488 48,488
Trans Am T-Top (non-SE)
L37 301 1,530 3,301 4,831
W72 400 2,917 0 2,917
L80 403 0 30,728 30,728
Trans Am Black SE (Y84)
L37 301 213 360 573
W72 400 1,107 0 1,107
L80 403 0 9,874 9,874
Trans Am Tenth Anniversary
W72 400 1,817 0 1,817
L80 403 0 5,683 5,683
Total 11,659 105,449 117,108

1979 Firebird Optional Equipment

V-8 Engine198,760*94
6 Cylinder Engine12,690*6
Transmission-3 Speed1,690*0.8
Power Brakes209,760*99.2
Front Wheel Disc Brakes175,500*83
Four-wheel Disc Brakes34,250*16.2
Limited Slip Differential126,030*59.6
Power Steering211,453*100
Power Windows101,500*48
Air Conditioning180,160*85.2
Adjustable Steering Column133,000*62.9
Vinyl Roof0
Cruise Control29,60014
Radial Tires211,453100

What else was happening in 1979

The Shah of Iran flees the country and seeks asylum in the US. Iran radicals take US embassy hostage.
Dukes of Hazzard debuts on CBS
Mad Max debuts in theaters
Three Mile Island, the worst nuclear disaster ever in US.
Top Rock Song: Highway to Hell by AC/DC
Top Pop Song: My Sharona by The Knack
Alien debuts in the movies. "In space, no one can hear you scream"
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