1975 Firebird Gallery

Tran-zam has endeavored to make these photo galleries as accurate as possible and always attempts to show cars in their stock factory form. Some combinations are very rare and may be shown with custom touches or may be in poor condition where no other shots were available.
Trans Am - Buccaneer Red
Trans Am - Cameo White
Trans Am - Stellar Blue
Trans Am - Stellar Blue Birdless
Trans Am - Sterling Silver
Formula - Alpine Green
Formula - Artic Blue
Formula - Bimini Blue
Formula - Buccaneer Red
Formula - Cameo White note: wheels are from a later model.
Formula - Carmel Beige
Formula - Copper Mist
Formula - Ginger Brown
Formula - Graystone
Formula - Honduras Maroon
Formula - Lakemist Green note: damage to front is not stock.
Formula - Persimmon
Formula - Sandstone
Formula - Stellar Blue
Formula - Sterling Silver
Formula - Sunstorm Yellow
Firebird - Alpine Green
Firebird - Artic Blue
Firebird - Carmel Beige
Firebird - Bimini Blue
Firebird - Buccaneer Red
Firebird - Cameo White
Firebird - Copper Mist
Firebird - Ginger Brown note: wheels are aftermarket.
Firebird - Graystone
Firebird - Honduras Maroon
Firebird - Lakemist Green
Firebird - Persimmon
Firebird - Sandstone
Firebird - Stellar Blue
Firebird - Sterling Silver
Firebird - Sunstorm Yellow
Examples shown on this page consist of scanned images or reproduction artwork that can not be faithfully reproduced on a computer screen. Illustrations are for example only. Consult with your vendors offerring reproduction parts for their historical accuracy.