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1972 Firebird Interiors
Firebirds have always been offered in two trim levels, the standard and Custom. The Custom interior was standard on Esprit and optional on Formula and Trans Am. The custom interior offered more luxurious amenities like an improved seat design and specific door panels with separate pull straps. There was also a holding strap on the passenger dashboard.

Standard Interior

The standard interior was a carryover from 1971 with all Morrokide vinyl seats. Color choices were reduced from 5 to 4. Blue was dropped and Sandalwoord was replaced by Ivory. When Ivory was ordered the dash, console (if specified) sail panels, and rear quarter panels were molded in black. The Jade seats were replaced by a darker green. The saddle and black seats and door panels were unchanged.

Custom Interior

The Custom Interior option in 1972 still featured Morrokide seats but inserts were change to perforated Roulet Morrokide instead of the knit vinyl of 1971. The perforated morrokide featured small holes that allowed the seat to breath. The customer interior design was carried over from 1971 with a few color changes. Sandalwood was dropped reducing color options to six. Jade was replaced with a darker green. Cloth inserts were still offered in Black with Beige replacing the Sandalwood. For '72 Pontiac called the cloth inserts Potomac cloth replacing the Pinehurst cloth of '71.

Trim Tag Interior Numbers

The trim tag is found under the hood on the driver's side shock tower. The codes below will be displayed in the position of the yellow box denoting the interior trim level and color of the installed interior.
Standard Interior Codes
  • 121 Ivory
  • 131 Saddle
  • 141 Green
  • 161 Black
Custom Interior Codes
  • 211 Blue
  • 221 Ivory
  • 231 Saddle
  • 241 Green
  • 251 Beige
  • 261 Black
Custom Cloth Interior Codes
  • 351 Beige
  • 361 Black

Option Y90: Custom trim Group

The 722/Y90 Custom Trim option featured a more luxirios interior that the standard Firebird interior. Initially priced at $77 the buyer got quite a nice package as shown below.
Y90: Standard on Esprit
          Optional Formula and Trans Am
  • Upgraded seats with performated Roulete Morrokide inserts. Potomac cloth inserts were optional.
  • Distinctive door trim panels with pull strap.
  • Bright trim on floor pedals.
  • Color keyed seat belts.
  • Perforated headliner.
  • Additional sound insulation in roof.
  • Rear seat ash trays in armrests.
  • Instrument panel assist grip above glove box door.
  • Body color insert on exterior door handle.
  • Trunk mat.
Standard Interior Examples

Ivory (121) New

Saddle (131)

Green (141)

Black (261)

Custom Interior Examples

Blue (211)

Ivory (221)

Saddle (231)

Green (241)

Beige (251) New

Black (261)

Beige with Beige Cloth Inserts (351)

Black with Black Cloth Inserts (361)