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1973 Firebird Engine Options

RPO CodeUPC CodeTypeSourceDisplacement (cubic Inches)Bore & StrokeCarbCompHP/RPMTorque/RPMVINEngine Block code(s)TransmissionAxleOptionalAxle Usage
35DL20Inline 6Chevrolet2503.875 x 3.5311 bbl8.5:1110@3800185@1600DCCC, CCD36B/M12 3 Speed Manual Floor Shift 3.08Standard Base. Not available with Air Conditioning.
CCA, CCB36L/M40 Turbo Hydramatic
35ML30V-8Pontiac350 with single exhaust3.875 x 3.752 bbl7.6:1150@4000270@2000MXR36B/M12 3 Speed Manual Floor Siift 3.083.42Optional Base.
Standard Esprit
350 with dual exhaust175@4400280@2400N36E/M20 4 speed ManualStandard Formula
YL, YR, ZR, ZT36L/M40 Turbo Hydramatic2.733.08Optional Base, Esprit, and Formula
35RL65V-8Pontiac400 with single exhaust4.125 x 3.752 bbl8.0:1170@3600320@2000RYX, YZ, ZK, ZX36L/M40 Turbo Hydramatic3.733.08Optional Esprit. Automatic only.
35SL78V-8Pontiac4004.125 x 3.754 bbl8.0:1230@4000325@3200TWS, Y6, YG36E/M20 4 speed Manual3.42Optional Formula. 4 speed or Automatic only.
WK, WP36H/M21 4 Speed Close Ratio Manual
Y3, YS, YT, XN36L/M40 Turbo Hydramatic3.083.42
35WL75V-8Pontiac4554.15 x 4.214 bbl8.0:1250@4000370@2800YWT, WW36H/M21 4 Speed Close Ratio Manual3.083.42Optional Formula
Standard Trans Am.
4 speed or Automatic only.
YA, YC, YD, YK, X7. XM, XE, XL36L/M40 Turbo Hydramatic
35XLS2V-8Pontiac455 Super Duty4.15 x 4.214 bbl8.0:1310@4000390@3600XW8, ZJ36E/M20 4 speed Manual3.42Optional Formula and Trans Am. 4 speed or Automatic only.
Y836L/M40 Turbo Hydramatic
  • VIN: The VIN is viewed through the driver's side windshield. The VIN code for the engine is the fifth digit. For example, VIN code 2S87M, the M denotes the 350 with 3 speed manual floor shift.
  • Engine Codes are stamped on the passenger side cylinder head.
  • Optional Axle is the axle delivered when Option G92: Performance axle option was ordered.

1973 Transmission Options

RPO CodeUPC CodeType
36BM123 Speed Manual Floor Shift
36EM204 Speed Wide Ratio Manual Transmission
36HM214 Speed Close Ration Manual Transmission
36LM38Turbo Hydramatic - 3 Speed (aka Turbo Hydramatic 350)
36LM40Turbo Hydramatic - 3 Speed (aka Turbo Hydramatic 400)