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1977 Firebird Options

S Standard
A Available
N/A Not Available
n/c No charge
UPC CodeDescriptionPriceBaseEspritFormulaTrans AmNotes
LD7231 ci V-6 2V (Built by Buick)SSN/AN/ANew V-6 replaced Chevrolet-built inline 6 from 1976.
L27301 ci V-8 2V$ 65.00AASN/ARequires 4 Speed Manual Transmission (M20) or Turbo-Hydramatic (M40). See note below on the LG3 engine that replaced the L27 mid-year.
LG3305 ci V-8 2bbl (Built by Chevrolet)AASN/AA Pontiac Order Guide Update issued on June 2, 1977 announces that the 305cid engine has replaced the 301 for all Firebird applications.
L34350 ci V-8 4V (Built by Oldsmobile)AAAN/ACalifornia only
Firebird and Esprit$ 155.00
Formula$ 90.00
L76350 ci 4bbl V-8AAAN/AA June 7, 1977 Car Distribution Bulletin(77-F-13) announced that all Base Firebird, Esprit and Formula orders will be changed to the Pontiac L76 due to material availability for the balance of the build out.
Firebird and Esprit$ 155.00
Formula$ 90.00
L78400 ci V-8 4V$ 155.00N/AN/AASRequires Turbo-Hydramatic Transmission (M40)
W72400 ci V-8 4VN/AN/AAARequires 4 Speed Manual Transmission (M20) or Turbo-Hydramatic (M40)
Formula$ 205.00
Trans Am$ 50.00
L80403ci V-8 4V (Built by Oldsmobile)$ 155.00N/AN/AAAManufactured by Oldsmobile.
G80Safe T Track differential$ 54.00AAAS
M40Turbo Hydra-matic TransmissionAASSRequires Front Console (D55)
with Base, Esprit$ 282.00
Formula and Trans Am
M204 Speed Manual TransmissionAAAAAvailable with 301 ci V-8 2V (L27) or 400 ci V-8 4V (W72) Only
Firebird and Esprit$ 257.00
Formula and Trans Am
N98Argent Silver Rally II Wheels with Trim RingsAAAS
Base Firebird and Formula$ 106.00
Esprit$ 72.00
N67Body Color Rally II Wheels and Trim RingsAAAA
Base Firebird and Formula$ 106.00
Esprit$ 72.00
P01Deluxe Wheel Covers$ 34.00ASAN/A
N95Wire Wheel CoversAAAN/A
Base Firebird and Formula$ 134.00
Esprit$ 100.00
YJ8Cast Aluminum Snowflake WheelsAAAAIncluded with Skybird Apackage (W60)
Base Firebird$ 227.00
Esprit without Skybird Package (W60) $ 193.00
Formula$ 227.00
Trans Am$ 121.00
QBXRally RTS (Radial Tuned Suspension) Handling Package$ 70.00N/AN/AAN/ARequired with Stowaway Spare (N65)
QCYRally RTS (Radial Tuned Suspension) PackageN/AN/AAA
Formula$ 116.00
Trans Am$ 46.00
0BPFR78x15 White Letter Steel Belted Radial TiresAAAN/A
Base, Esprit, and Formula without Stowaway Spare Tire (441/N65)$ 55.00
Base, Esprit, and Formula with Stowaway Spare Tire (441/N65)$ 44.00
0BWFR78x15 Whitewall Steel Belted Radial TiresAAAN/A
Firebird, Esprit and Formula without Stowaway Spare Tire (N65)$ 41.00
Firebird, Esprit and Formula with Stowaway Spare Tire (N65)$ 33.00
0KMFR78-15 Blackwall Fiber-Belted RadialsAAN/AN/A
Base Firebird and Esprit with Stowaway Spare (N65)$ -45.00
Base Firebird and Esprit without Stowaway Spare (N65)$ -36.00
0KMFR78-15 Whitewall Fiber-Belted RadialsAAN/AN/A
Base Firebird and Esprit with Stowaway Spare (N65)$ -4.00
Base Firebird and Esprit without Stowaway Spare (N65)$ -3.00
U63AM Radio$ 79.00AAAA
U69AM/FM Radio$ 137.00AAAA
U58AM/FM Stereo Radio$ 233.00AAAA
UN8Citizen's Band (CB) Radio, 23 Channel$ 195.00AAAARequires Front Console (D55) and Radio Accomodation Package (UN9)
UN9Radio Accomodation Package$ 23.00AAAAIncluded with optional radios
U80Rear Seat Speaker$ 23.00AAAAOptional only with AM Radio (U63) or AM/FM Radio (U69)
U57Stereo 8 Track Tape Player$ 134.00AAAARequires Front Console (D55) and an Optional Radio
D34Right Hand Visor Vanity Mirror$ 4.00AAAA
D64Illuminated Right Hand Visor Vanity Mirror$ 32.00AAAA
AK1Custom Seat belts $ 21.00AAAAIncluded with Skybird (W60)
Standard Steering WheelSN/AN/AN/A
N30Luxury Cushion Steering Wheel$ 18.00ASSN/A
NK3Formula Steering WheelAAASThe Formula Steering Wheel was available in black only.
Base Firebird $ 61.00
Esprit and Formula $ 43.00
JL1Pedal Trim PackageASAAIncluded Custom Trim Group (Y90)
Base Firebird$ 6.00
Formula and Trans Am without Custom Interior$ 6.00
UR1Economy and Vacuum Gauges$ 27.00AAAN/AAvailable with Rally Guage Cluster and Clock (W63) only
U35Electric Clock$ 21.00AAAN/AIncluded with Rally Guages and Clock (W63) or Rally Cluster Clock and Tachometer (WW8)
W63Rally Gauge Cluster and Clock$ 60.00AAAN/ARequired wit 6 Cylinder Engine (LD)
WW8Rally Cluster with Clock and Tachometer$ 116.00AAASAvailable with V-8s only. Not available with Electric Clock (U35) or Rally Gauges with Clock (W63)
D55Front Console$ 75.00AASS
D58Rear Console$ 46.00AAAA
N33Tilt Steering Wheel$ 57.00AAAA
B37Color Keyed Front and Rear Floor Mats$ 18.00AAAAAvailable separately in previous years
AO1Tinted Glass, all windows$ 50.00AAAA
C49Electric Rear Window Defogger$ 82.00AAAA
A31Power Windows$ 108.00AAAARequires Console (D55)
C60Air Conditioning $ 478.00AAAA
K30Cruise Control$ 80.00AAAA
A90Remote-Control Deck Lid Release$ 18.00AAAA
BS1Added Acoustical Insulation$ 27.00ASAA
Y92Lamp Group$ 16.00AAAAIncludes Luggage Lamp, Glovebox Lamp, and Interior Panel Courtesy Lamp.
C95Dome Reading Lamp$ 16.00AAAA
Y90Custom Trim GroupN/ASAA
Vinyl Doeskin$ 91.00
Lombardy Cloth$ 118.00
Lombardy Cloth - Esprit$ 27.00N/AAN/AN/A
AU3Power Door Locks$ 68.00AAAA
B85Window Sill and Rear Hood Edge Moldings$ 24.00ASAA
B80Roof Drip Moldings$ 17.00ASAAIncluded with Canopy Top (CB7)
B96Wheel Opening Moldings$ 18.00ASAN/ANot Available with Formula Appearance package (W50)
B84Vinyl Body Side Moldings $ 40.00AAAA
D35Outside Dual Sport Mirrors$ 31.00ASSSLH Remote Control, RH Fixed
B93Door Edge Guards$ 9.00AAAA
D80Rear Spoiler$ 48.00AASS
CB7Canopy Top$ 105.00AAAN/A
CC1Glass Sunroof (Hurst Hatch T-Top)$ 587.00AAAAIncluded with Special Edition (Y82)
WW7Trans Am Hood Decal$ 62.00N/AN/AN/AA
W50Formula Appearance Package$ 127.00N/AN/AAN/A
W60Skybird Appearance PackageN/AAN/AN/AIncludes Special Color Skybird Exterior, Blue Interior, Unique Blue Decals, and Blue Snowflake Wheels.
Esprit With Lombardy Trim$ 342.00
Esprit with Doeskin Trim$ 315.00
Y82Special Edition Package With T-Top$ 1143.00N/AN/AN/AABlack Exterior with Specific Gold Matte Decals and Gold Accents. Interior with Gold Dash and Steering Wheel.
Y81Special Edition Package Without T-Top$ 556.00N/AN/AN/AABlack Exterior with Specific Gold Matte Decals and Gold Accents. Interior with Gold Dash and Steering Wheel.
D98Vinyl Accent Stripes $ 49.00AAAN/A
JL2Power Brakes$ 61.00AASSRequired with V-8
UA1Heavy Duty Battery (Maintenance Free)$ 31.00AAAA
K05Engine Block Heater$ 13.00AAAA
N65Stow Away Spare TireAAAS
V02Super Cooling RadiatorAAAAIncluded with Light Trailer Group (V81)
Without Air Conditioning (C60) and with Light Trailer Group (V81)$ 53.00
With Air Conditioning (C60) and without Light Trailer Group (V81)$ 29.00
With Light Trailer Group (V81)
V81Light Trailer GroupAAAA
With Air Conditioning (C60) $ 64.00
Without Air Conditioning (C60) $ 40.00
Y96Firm Ride Package$ 11.00AAAAIncluded with Light Trailer Group (V81)
NA6High Altitude Performance Option$ 22.00AAAA
VJ9California Emmissions Equipment and Test$ 70.00AAAARequired on cars sold in California.