All Models Except as Noted
10 - Polar White
Not available on Trans Am
14 - Palladium Silver
25 - Bermuda Blue
26 - Lucerne Blue
Trans Am Color
28 - Atoll Blue
42 - Keylime Green
Not available on Trans Am
45 - Palisade Green
47 - Verdoro Green
51 - Goldenrod Yellow
53 - Coronado Gold
58 - Granada Gold
63 - Palomino Copper
65 - Carousel Red
67 - Castillian Bronze
75 - Cardinal Red

Option SVT/C08: Cordova Vinyl Top

Production Total: 11,721
  • Available for Firebird, Esprit, and Formula
  • Requires option 431, Decor Moldings.
1 - White
2 - Black
5 - Sandalwood
7 - Dark Gold
7 - Dark Green
Designers did not want to install vinyl roofs on the new Firebird, thinking that it broke up the lines of these sleek new cars. The designers were overruled by GM accounatnts who made the argument that Pontiac made money on the vinyl roof. It looks like the accountants were right since nearly a qurter of Firebirds were equipped with this option. The 1970 vinyl fabric was non-glossy fabric with a pebble grain texture. The Cordova Vinyl top was not available on the Trans Am.

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Dark Gold
Dark Green
Polar White and white vinyl top
1970 Firebird Colors
Polar White
Palladium Silver
Bermuda Blue
Lucerne Blue
Atoll Blue
Keylime Green
Palisade Green
Verdoro Green
Goldenrod Yellow
Coronado Gold
Granada Gold
Palomino Copper
Castillian Bronze
Carousel Red
Castillian Bronze
Cardinal Red

Trans Am Colors

The Trans Am package has graphics as standard equipment, either white stripes on Lucerne Blue cars or Blue Stripes on White Cars.
Note: the white stripes used for Lucerne Blue Trans Ams was unique in 1970 and carried different part numbers than those used in 71 and 72. This was to match the shaker hood scoop painted in Polar White, a brighter white than the Cameo White used on 71 and 72 models.
Lucerne Blue with White Graphics. This is the extremely rare original striping scheme that was replaced with black borders versus the Hazy Black border.
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10 - Polar White
26 - Lucerne Blue (Early)
26 - Lucerne Blue
Examples shown on this page consist of scanned images or reproduction artwork that can not be faithfully reproduced on a computer screen. Illustrations are for example only. Consult with your vendors offerring reproduction parts for their historical accuracy.