1970 Wheels

Standard Wheel

Typical GM Steel Wheel Shown

The standard GM steel wheel was used on models with the base hubcap or wire wheel disks.

All models except Trans Am.

14" X 6" with L22 250 cid 6 cylinder.1
Stamped AM
Stamped KC or XJ with Space Saver Spare
Part No: 333274 (SUP 3975660)

14" X 7" All other models except Trans Am
Stamped CL
Part No: 3975667

14" X 5" Space Saver Spare
The use of the 14" X 5" inch wheel has not been verified to have been available on the Firebird. The 14" x 5" wheel would have only been used for the Space Saver Spare. The 14" X 6" variant was also used for Space Saver spares.
Stamped HI
Part No: 736365 (SUP 9792737)

1Source: 1970 Firebird Sales Brochure

Standard Hubcap

Standard Hub Cap

Usage: 1970 and 1971

Standard on Firebird, Esprit (with trim ring) and Formula 400.

When the base hub cap was ordered the wheel was typically delivered in body color.2
Part No: 5738083 2Source: The Definitive Guide to Firebird 1970 to 1981 by Rocky Rotella Used in 1970 and 1971. This was the same basic design as 1967 to 1969 but was stamped PONTIAC instead of Pontiac Motor Division.

P06 Wheel Trim Rings

Option Code 471, UPC P06: Trim Ring

The chrome trim ring was standard on Esprit and available on Firebird and Formula at extra cost with the standard hub cap only. Trim rings were standard when Rally II wheels were ordered except on Trans Am3 and Formula when 15 inch tires were ordered (TNL/PM7).

Standard on Esprit. Available on Firebird and Formula 400.
Not available with N95 Wire Wheel Discs. Standard with N98 Rally II rims (14 inch).

Part No: 9781480 for 6 inch wheel
Part No: 9796919 for 7 inch wheel

3See Trim Rings on Trans Am

N95 Wire Wheel Disks

Option Code 473, UPC N95: Wire Wheel Disks

Wire Wheel Covers are available on all Firebird models except Trans Am. They feature chrome-plated wire spokes plus a bright-red medallion Hub insert.

The base wheel was delivered in black.*
*Source: The Definitive Guide to Firebird 1970 to 1981 by Rocky Rotella

Available on Firebird, Esprit, and Formula 400.

Part No: 9781478 (SUP 985528)

N98 Rally II with Trim Rings

Option Code 474, UPC N98: Rally II Wheels with Trim Rings

14-inch diameter. Stamped steel gives the appearance of magnesium. Chrome-plated wheel nuts. Includes a fifth Rally II rim for the spare tire.

Available on Firebird, Esprit, and Formula 400.

14" X 6" with Base and 6 cylinder engine, Stamped KU or TO 14" X 7", Stamped JK

Part No: 485455
Ornament - Black: Part No 9792996 (Early)
Ornament - Red: Part No 480301
Trim Ring: Part No 9796919 for 14" x 6" inch wheel Trim Ring: Part No 9781480 for 14" x 7" inch wheel

15 inch Rally II Wheels

The dechromed Rally II wheels are standard on Trans Am. They have the look and feel of aluminum or "mag" wheels.

Standard on Trans Am. Available on Formula 400 when option TNL/PM7: Tires, F60 X 15 Raised White Letter with 15 inch Rally II Rims. TNL/PM7 also includes the Space Saver Spare Tire 704/N65.

15" X 7", Stamped JW

Part No: 485454
Ornament - Black: Part No 9792996
Ornament - Red: Part No 480301
Trim Ring? See Trim Rings on Trans Am. Part No. 9796696

Rally II Center Cap - Black

Every Rally II wheel featured a center cap ornament. Some Firebirds were delivered with the earlier style black PMD center cap orament. The original Firebird brochure shows early or prototype Firebirds with these black caps. The 1967 to 1972 Pontiac Parts Manual lists black center caps as a available "if the retainers are bent outward."

Because of the Parts manual reference, black center caps for 1970 Firebirds were probably installed on early Firebirds. Most, but not all, 1970 Firebirds were delivered with red center caps.

Part No: 9792996

Rally II Center Cap - Red

Red PMD center caps are the norm for 1970 Firebirds with Rally II wheels. These center caps were used from 1970 to 1972.

Part No: 480301

Trim Rings on Trans Am

The 15" Rally II was a special wheel and was created by welding another 1" ring around the a 14" wheel. Because of this the trim ring was not offerred, at least initially. The build sheet above documents a Trans Am with trim rings listed as an option, indicating that larger trim rings may have been added at some time during production. This wheel was also offerred on Catlina, Executive, and Bonneville in 1970.

A 15 inch diameter trim ring, Part No: 9796696, is listed in the 67-72 Parts Catalog as being available for 70 and 71 Pontiacs.

Standard Spare Tire

The conventional spare tire came with the standard steel wheel. If Rally II wheels were specified, a fifth Rally II wheel was supplied with the spare, unless the Space Saver Spare (UPC N65) was ordered.

Space Saver Spare Tire

Option Code 704 - UPC N65: Space Saver Spare Tire
Adds approximately three cubic feet of usable luggage capacity. Easily inflated with handy pressure can. 1971 Version shown.

Available on all Firebird models.
Standard on Trans Am and all Firebirds with Rally II Rims.

Please note, this photo is an example and the inflator cannister is not factory correct for this model year.


Tires available on 1970 Firebirds E78 X 14 Blackwall tires (THF)
Standard Firebird, Esprit and Formula 400. Not available Trans Am.

F70 X 14 Raised White Letter (TML/PL4)
Optional Firebird, Esprit and Formula 400.

F70 X 14 Blackwall Tires (TMF/PY6)
Optional Firebird and Esprit.

TGR PX6 Tires, F78 X 14 Whitewall Tires, double line (TGR/PX6)
Optional Firebird and Esprit.

THR PL3 Tires, E78 X 14 Whitewall Tires, double line (THR/PL3) Optional Firebird and Esprit.

F60 X 15 Raised White Letter Tires with 15 inch Rally II Rims (TNL/PM7) Standard Trans Am, Optional Formula 400.
Goodyear Polyglas GT or Firestone Wide Oval.

Double-Line white-wall tires of 1970.
All images on this page are of actual wheels and may not show the correct tires.