Standard Bucket Seats

Standard on all models except Esprit

UPC B18: Custom Trim Group Bucket Seats

Standard on Esprit. Available for Formula and Trans Am

Tenth Anniversary Trans Am Specific Interior

Tenth Anniversary Trans Am Special Edition Only
Standard Interior Gallery

12R1/16X Oyster/Gray

12R1/19X Oyster/Black

12R1/24X Oyster/Blue

12R1/62X Oyster/Camel Tan

12R1/74X Oyster/Carmine

19R1 Black

62R1 Camel Tan

74R1 Carmine

Custom Interior Gallery

12N1/16X Oyster/Gray

12N1/19X Oyster/Black

12N1/24X Oyster/Blue

12N1/24X Oyster/Blue

12N1/62X Oyster/Camel Tan

12N1/74X Oyster/Carmine

19N1 Black

62N1 Camel Tan

24N1 Blue

74N1 Carmine

19BH1 Black Hobnail Cloth

24B1 Blue Hobnail Cloth

62B1 Camel Tan Hobnail Cloth

74B1 Carmine Hobnail Cloth

tenth Anniversary Edition Specific Interior

Examples shown on this page consist of scanned images or reproduction artwork that can not be faithfully reproduced on a computer screen. Illustrations are for example only. Consult with your vendors offerring reproduction parts for their historical accuracy.