1979 Firebird Options

S Standard
A Available
N/A Not Available
n/c No charge
UPC CodeDescriptionPriceBaseEspritFormulaTrans AmY89 10th Anniversary trans Am
A01Tinted Glass, All Windows $ 56.00AAAAS
A31Power Windows$ 132.00AAAASRequires Console (D55)
A90Deck Lid Release, Remote Control$ 24.00AAAAS
AK1Belts, Custom Color KeyedAAAASStandard with Redbird Appearance Packages
AU3Power Door Locks$ 86.00AAAAS
B18Custom Trim GroupN/ASAASAvailable in Doeskin Vinyl and Hobnail Cloth. Tenth Anniversary featured specific silver seats with leather inserts.
Formula and Trans Am with Doeskin Vinyl$ 108.00
Formula and Trans Am with Hobnail Cloth$ 150.00
Esprit with Hobnail Cloth$ 42.00
B37Mats, Front & Rear Floor Color Keyed$ 25.00AAAAS
B80Moldings, Roof Drip$ 24.00ASAAN/AIncluded with Vinyl Top (CB7).
B83Rocker Panel Moldings$ 18.00ASN/AN/AN/A
B84Vinyl Body Side Moldings $ 40.00AAAA
B85Window Sill and rear hood moldings$ 26.00ASAAN/ANot available with Trans Am Special Edition (Y84)
B93Door Edge Guards$ 13.00AAAA
B96Moldings, Wheel Opening$ 22.00ASN/AN/AN/A
BS1Insulation, Additional Accoustical$ 31.00ASAAS
C49Defroster, Electric Rear Window$ 99.00AAAAS
C60Air Conditioning Custom$ 529.00AAAAS
C95Lamp , Dome Reading$ 19.00AAAAS
TR9Lamp Group$ 22.00AAAAS
CB7Canopy Top $ 116.00AAAN/AN/AIncludes Roof Drip Moldings (B84). Not available on Redbird (W68)
CC1Fisher Hatch Roof, Removable$ 655.00AAAAS
Silver Hatch Roof-RemovableN/AN/AN/AN/AS
CD4Windshield Wipers, Controlled Cycle$ 38.00AAAAS
D34Mirror, Visor Vanity $ 5.00AAAAS
D35Dual Sport Outside Rear View Mirrors$ 43.00ASSSSLeft hand remote controlled
D53Hood Bird Decal$ 95.00N/AN/AN/AASStandard with Special Edition Black Trans Am (Y84)
D55Console$ 80.00AASSS
D60Color and Trim, Incompatibility OverrideN/A
D80Spoiler, Rear Deck$ 57.00AAASSIncluded with Formula Appearance Package (W50)
D98Vinyl Accent Stripes$ 54.00AAN/AN/AN/ANot available with Redbird (W60)
G80Limited Slip Axle (Safe T Track)$ 63.00AAASS
JL2Power Brakes, Front Disc$ 76.00AASSSReq With V8 Engines or V6 with Air Conditioning (C60)
J654 Wheel Disc Power Brakes$ 150.00N/AN/AAAS
K05Engine Block Heater$ 15.00AAAA
K30Cruise Control$ 90.00AAAASwith Auto Trans (MX1) only. Not available with Trans Am 6.6 Liter (L78)
Cruise Control Delete$ -103.00N/AN/AN/AN/AARequired Tenth Anniversary with L78 400 Engine
K81 Alternator Heavy Duty 63 AmpAAAAS
Without Air Conditioning (C60) and Rear Defroster (C49)$ 32.00
Without Air Conditioning (C60) and Rear Defroster (C49)
Tungston Quartz Halogen LampsAAAAS
L78 Trans Am 6.6 Litre (400) 4BBL V-8 180hpN/AN/AAAAPreviously this was the W72 Option in 1978. Federal Only. Not available with High Altitude (NA6) or California emissions (VJ9). Requires 4 Speed Manual Transmission and Trans Am Performance Package (WS6)
Formula$ 370.00
Trans Am$ 90.00
L806.6 Litre (403) 4BBL V-8, Oldsmobile builtN/AN/AASSRequires Automatic Transmission (MX1).
Trans Am
LD53.8 Litre (231) 2BBL V-6, Buick builtSSN/AN/AN/ANot available with High Altitude Emissions (NA6)
L274.9 Litre V-8 2V$ 270.00AASN/AN/ARequires Automatic Transmission (MX1), Federal Only (Not available in California)
L374.9 Litre V-8 4VAAAAN/AFederal Only (Not available in California). Requires 4 Speed Manual Transmission (M21). Not available with 10th Anniversary Trans Am (X87)
Base Firebird and Esprit$ 355.00
Formula$ 85.00
Trans Am$ -195.00
LG35.0 Litre (305) V-8 2V , Chevrolet builtAAAN/AN/ACalifornia Only. Requires California Emissions Equipment (VJ9) and Automatic Transmission (MX1)
Base Firebird and Esprit$ 270.00
LM15.7 Litre (350) 4BBL V-8, Chevrolet builtAAAN/AN/ARequired in high altitude areas at extra cost with Altitude Package (NA6 ) and Automatic Transmission,
Base Firebird and Esprit$ 425.00
Formula$ 155.00
MM33 Speed Manual Transmission with Floor ShiftSSN/AN/AN/AWith 3.8 Litre V-6 Only. Not Available with California Emissions Equipment (VJ9)
M21Close Ratio 4 Speed Manual TransmissionN/AN/AAAAAvailable with 6.6 Litre 400 4BBL (W72) and 4.9 Litre V-8 4V (L37) only.
Base Firebird and Esprit (with 4.9 Litre V-8 only (L37))$ 325.00
Formula and Trans Am
MX13 Speed Turbo-Hydramtaic TransmissionAAASSRequires Console (D55). Not available with 6.6 Litre 4bbl (L78/W72)
Base Firebird and Esprit$ 307.00
Formula and Trans Am
N30Luxury Cushion Steering Wheel$ 20.00ASN/AN/AN/A
N65Spare Tire, StowawayAAS
N67Wheels, Rally II Body Color with trim ringsAAAAN/AIncludes fifth Rally II spare when Stowaway Spare is not ordered?
Base Firebird without Stowaway Spare (N65)$ 146.00
Base Firebird with Stowaway Spare (N65)$ 126.00
Esprit without Stowaway Spare (N65)$ 104.00
Esprit with Stowaway Spare (N65)$ 84.00
N90Wheels, Cast Aluminum SnowflakeAAAAN/A
Base Firebird$ 310.00
Esprit with Redbird$ 184.00
Esprit without Redbird$ 268.00
N95Wheel Covers, WireAAN/AN/AN/A
Base Firebird$ 157.00
Esprit$ 115.00
N98Wheels, Argent Silver Rally II with Trim RingsAASSN/AIncludes fifth Rally II spare when Stowaway Spare is not ordered?
Base Firebird without Stowaway Spare (N65)$ 146.00
Base Firebird with Stowaway Spare (N65)$ 126.00
Esprit without Stowaway Spare (N65)$ 104.00
Esprit with Stowaway Spare (N65)$ 84.00
NA6High Altitude Emissions Requirements$ 35.00AAAAA
NK3Steering Wheel, FormulaAASSN/AIncluded with Redbird Appearance Package, Esprit (W60). Newly available in colors to match interior.
Base Firebird $ 68.00
Esprit$ 48.00
Steering Wheel, Formula-LeatherS
N33Tilt Steering WheelAAAAS
P01Wheel Covers, Deluxe$ 42.00ASN/AN/AN/A
QBPTires, FR78 X 15 WL STL (White Letter Steel Belted)AAN/AN/AN/A
Base Firebird and Esprit with Stowaway Spare (N65)$ 52.00
Base Firebird and Esprit without Stowaway Spare (N65)$ 64.00
QBUTires, FR78 X 15 BSW STL (Blackwall Steel Belted)SSN/AN/AN/A
QBWTires, FR78 X 15 WSW STL (Whitewall Steel Belted)AAN/AN/AN/A
Base Firebird and Esprit with Stowaway Spare (N65)$ 39.00
Base Firebird and Esprit without Stowaway Spare (N65)$ 48.00
QG0225/70R-15 Blackwall Steel Belted RadialsN/AN/ASSN/A
QGR225/70R-15 White-Letter Steel Belted Radials$ 53.00N/AN/AAASIncluded with Performance Package (WS6)
U17Rally Guage cluster with clock and tachometerAAASS
Base Firebird and Esprit$ 130.00
Formula$ 63.00
U35Clock, Electric$ 24.00AAAN/AN/ANot available with Rally Guages (W63) or Rally Gauge Cluster (U17)
U58Radio, AM/FM Stereo$ 236.00AAAAN/A
U63Radio, AM$ 86.00AAAAN/A
U69Radio, AM/FM$ 163.00AAAAN/A
U75Power AntennaAAAASNot available with Radio, AM/FM w/40 Channel CB (UP5) or Radio, AM/FM Stereo w/40 Channel CB (UP6)
with Optional Radios$ 66.00
without Optional Radios$ 47.00
U83Power Antenna, AM-FM Tri BandAAAAN/AIncluded with Radio, AM/FM w/40 Channel CB (UP5) or Radio, AM/FM Stereo w/40 Channel CB (UP6)
with Optional Radios$ 87.00
without Optional Radios$ 68.00
U80Radio Speaker, Rear$ 25.00AAAASAvailable with Radio AM (U63), Radio AM/FM (U69), Radio AM/FM w/40 Channel CB (UP5)
UA1Battery, Heavy Duty$ 21.00AAAAS
UM1Radio, AM & Stereo 8 Track Tape Player$ 248.00AAAAN/A
UM2Radio, AM/FM Stereo & Stereo 8 Tape Player$ 345.00AAAAN/A
UN3Radio, AM/FM Stereo & Cassette Tape Player$ 351.00AAAAS
UN9Radio Accomodation PackageAAAAN/A
without Power Antenna , AM/FM Tri Band (U83) or an optional radio$ 29.00
with Power Antenna , AM/FM Tri Band (U83) and without an optional radio$ 10.00
UP5Radio, AM/FM w/40 Channel CB$ 492.00AAAAN/AIncludes Power Antenna , AM/FM Tri Band (U83)
UP6Radio, AM/FM Stereo w/40 Channel CB$ 574.00AAAAN/AIncludes Power Antenna - AM/FM Tri Band (U83)
UP8Dual Rear Speakers$ 38.00AAAASall radios except AM/FM Radio w/40 Channel CB (UP5), AM Radio (U63), or AM/FM Radio (U69)
UY8Radio, AM/FM Stereo W/Digital Clock$ 402.00AAAN/AN/A
V02Radiator, Super CoolingAAAANot available with 6.6 Liter (L80), Trans Am Performance Package (WS6) or High Altitude Emissions (NA6)
with Air Conditioning (C60)$ 32.00
without Air Conditioning (C60)$ 59.00
VJ9California Emissions Equipment$ 83.00AAAA
W50Appearance Package, Formula$ 92.00N/AN/AAN/AN/A
W63Gauges, Rally and Clock$ 67.00AASN/AN/AAvailable with V-8 only.
W68Redbird Appearance Package, Esprit N/AAN/AN/AN/A
Esprit with Hobnail Cloth$ 491.00
Esprit with Doeskin Vinyl$ 449.00
WS6Special Performance PackageN/AN/AAASAvailable with W72 400 V-8, L80 403 V-8, or L39 4.9 Liter 4V. Includes 4 wheel disc brakes for 1979.
Formula and Trans Am$ 434.00
Trans Am with Special Edition (Y84)$ 250.00
WS7Special Performance PackageN/AN/AAAN/ASame as the WS6 package without the rear disc brakes. This option was offerred due to high demand for the 4 wheel disc brake option that was also included with the WS6 Eprformance Package. Since supply was not sufficient for the rear dosc brakes Pontiac offerred the WS6 without the rear discs and labeled it WS7.
Y84Special Edition Black Trans Am N/AN/AN/AAN/A
with T-Tops (CC1)$ 1329.00
With T-Tops (CC1) Delete$ 674.00
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